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2 oz Pure Skin


A revolutionary spray designed to purify the skin, mirroring your body’s own natural defenses against unwanted bacteria and pathogens. PURE SKIN spray penetrates the pores to kill microbes helping to fight problem skin conditions while helping to safely heal wounds, scars and blemishes more rapidly.


Made with 100% Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), PURE SKIN is one of the most widely researched clinical treatments for skin. Discovered by scientists more than a century ago, it was first used  in hospitals as a natural, yet powerful antimicrobial to help accelerate healing while reducing the chances of infection.

PURE SKIN penetrates deep into pores to clear away dirt and bacteria.

• 100% Organic

• Hypoallergenic

• All natural – free of toxic chemicals

• Antimicrobial cleansing of pores

• Helps to heal redness, rashes and problem skin

• No fragrances, oils, dyes or alcohol

• Safe for all ages from newborns to seniors


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